Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Business Model

Tweet Scan is entering a new phase of becoming a sustainable business.

How do we plan to do that? First, to provide better service we will charge for an account. That will be followed by increased development in which we plan to cover more microblog networks in email alerts, offer more saved searches, increase search speed, and help you with the kinds of analysis you want to do. Any improvements we make will be available as part of your paid membership.

The cost is $15/year if you join or upgrade before April 23rd (with the early-adopter discount). On April 23rd, the fee will rise to a standard $20/year. If you do not upgrade your account by April 23rd, email alerts and access to the site will be suspended.

If you get already our daily email alerts, it's a great deal. If not, we urge you to join or upgrade today. Many of your colleagues are using Tweet Scan to stay aware of their brands, websites, and interests. You and they will benefit more as the service evolves.

Visit to join or upgrade.


businessdeveloper said...


Your business model has a flaw.

You seem to have a winner on your hands and I understand your need for money to sustain the business model, but you should look at proven technics first.

It is proven that lower taxes increase federal tax receipts (by Ronald Reagan). Nobody would use Google, Tweetr, facebook, etc... if any of these charged anything. Craigslist does not charge anything and yet it is the largest online selling search engine today.

What I'm saying is that your $15.00 a year tax (albeight very low),will prevent a lot of people from experimenting the convenience or not of using your services.

You should try to find a funding partner to provide the basic sustainability requirements instead or try to sell advertisements on your e-mail notifications or website before charging fees for usage.

In other words, build up your clientele first, then sell shares for billions.


Getulio Bastos

Anonymous said...

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