Friday, May 8, 2009

More searches and better results

Today, we're pleased to announce more complete results and double the number saved searches! About a week ago, we started to supplement the results with those from Twitter's search engine and the response has been great. It's clear that our users appreciate getting every last tweet they can. Also today, we've increased the number of saved searches per account from 5 to 10.

That means you can track even more products, brands, clients, interests, hobbies, and funny phrases and you'll be less likely to miss the tweet that started the conversation. This is one of many incremental improvements we'll be making to the service as more people subscribe. We've reached 35% of our goal within 45 days so we're pleased with our progress so far. If you're still in your free trial or you let your free trial expire, login to subscribe today!


Casper Cornelius said...

Wondered if it's possible to search keywords from specific geographical places.

Like "sofa" in "Norway"/"Madrid" or similar?

David said...

Since we run our index and we don't have easy access to all the profiles, we cannot do location-based search. Thanks for your interest.