Thursday, November 26, 2009

Twitter Backup now uses OAuth

Our Twitter backup service has been widely used since we introduced our last update. That version combines your latest data from Twitter with what Tweet Scan has collected to make for the most complete Twitter backup available. Now, we are proud to release a new version that uses OAuth to connect to Twitter.

Now you can authorize Tweet Scan to access your account with read-only permissions which you can revoke at any time without having to play games with your passwords. If you haven't tried out our backup service, check it out at It's free if you tweet the tag #dlymydata or only $1.99 if you prefer not to tweet for us.

Happy Scanning!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We're back from a hard drive crash.

On Friday, Tweet Scan's main database server crashed. I've spent the weekend rebuilding it and getting the backups restored. Unfortunately those backups were missing some data so all tweets from Feb 1st, 2009 to March 29th, 2009 have disappeared into the ether. That's about 2 months or 10% of the database.

The good news is, the service is now up and running 100%. Daily and weekly email alerts are back and operations are being improved so this doesn't happen again. Thanks for your patience and happy scanning!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Historical Search of 220 Million Twitter Messages

Today, I humbly announce Tweet Scan Historical Search. Travel back as far as November 1st, 2007 in our 222 million message database. Subscribe

Here's what it can do for you:

Marketing departments, entrepreneurs, web developers, and bloggers can review their past successes of launching new products, features, and websites.

Researchers can study public response to business, political, social, and natural events.

Speakers, presenters, and event planners can review the chatter during their talk or conference and let it inform their next one.

The rest of us can use it to remember the good 'ole days or to find that long lost tweet that held your personal meaning of life. This library is a largest available and access is a mere $20/year. That's like a latte every other month or a small fraction of your phone bill!

Our database consists of 220,660,667 messages from Twitter and another 1,627,559 from It's still growing as you read this. You can search by keyword, by time down to the second, by microblogging service or by user. Access is available only to subscribers so register, subscribe, and you'll see a link on your control panel for Historical Search. You may want to bookmark this link right now: Historical Twitter Search. You'll also receive the other benefits of a Tweet Scan subscription including email alerts, personal archive download, and more features as we add them.

Thanks and Happy Scanning!

-David Sterry ( )

Friday, May 8, 2009

More searches and better results

Today, we're pleased to announce more complete results and double the number saved searches! About a week ago, we started to supplement the results with those from Twitter's search engine and the response has been great. It's clear that our users appreciate getting every last tweet they can. Also today, we've increased the number of saved searches per account from 5 to 10.

That means you can track even more products, brands, clients, interests, hobbies, and funny phrases and you'll be less likely to miss the tweet that started the conversation. This is one of many incremental improvements we'll be making to the service as more people subscribe. We've reached 35% of our goal within 45 days so we're pleased with our progress so far. If you're still in your free trial or you let your free trial expire, login to subscribe today!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Business Model

Tweet Scan is entering a new phase of becoming a sustainable business.

How do we plan to do that? First, to provide better service we will charge for an account. That will be followed by increased development in which we plan to cover more microblog networks in email alerts, offer more saved searches, increase search speed, and help you with the kinds of analysis you want to do. Any improvements we make will be available as part of your paid membership.

The cost is $15/year if you join or upgrade before April 23rd (with the early-adopter discount). On April 23rd, the fee will rise to a standard $20/year. If you do not upgrade your account by April 23rd, email alerts and access to the site will be suspended.

If you get already our daily email alerts, it's a great deal. If not, we urge you to join or upgrade today. Many of your colleagues are using Tweet Scan to stay aware of their brands, websites, and interests. You and they will benefit more as the service evolves.

Visit to join or upgrade.