Friday, September 12, 2008

Download Your Twitter Message Archive

We are very excited about a new product we released. You can now download your Twitter message archive consisting of any messages we've captured from our starting date of December 1st, 2007 to today. Just go to to order. You can choose to download your messages alone or to include your replies as well. Only public messages we've previously captured are included in the database, though we believe it is the most comprehensive outside of Twitter itself.

We appreciate any suggestions you have to improve the service. Please email them to If you are the first to come up with a suggestion and we choose to implement it, we will provide you with a complementary message archive with replies.


David Sterry


Anonymous said...

Gratitude: Hooray! Love this tool.

Whining: Any chance we could get a column in the CSV for "post time"?

moch84bandung said...

it seems like SSL broken on the site.. so just remove 's' from the address..use 'http' instead to access the site.