Friday, August 29, 2008

Ubiquity for Tweet Scan

Have you heard about Ubiquity? Mozilla's new plugin for Firefox adds a command line interface to their great web browser. Since Tweet Scan provides some web services, I thought I'd try my hand at creating a command to let people execute a search. To try it out, visit and subscribe.

After installation, restart Firefox, invoke ubiquity and start typing 'tweetscan'('twe' is all you really need to type in a default install). Now, a Firefox restart isn't supposed to be required so if anyone knows how I can remove that step, I'm all ears.

Creating the command wasn't hard. All I did was take the 'echo' example from the author tutorial, use CmdUtils.getDocumentInsecure to grab the current tab, and set the document.location to the search url after escaping the search phrase. You can take a look at the code when you subscribe or by going to

This is the simplest command I could think of for Tweet Scan but I'll be looking for a way to extend this to make Tweet Scan useful for email and other creative contexts.

Happy Scanning,

David Sterry

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