Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy Holidays: Apps for Tweet Scan

Happy Holidays. It's been a great year for Twitter and the ecosystem that has grown up around it. From Snitter to Twurt to Tweet Scan, Twitter has proven an exciting service and a great bit of social glue for its members.

This post, I wanted to just mention a few uses of Tweet Scan that we couldn't have anticipated but that we think are super sweet. Don't we all want to be loved?

1. Replies - sometimes Twitter doesn't show the replies to your post if other @users were also replied to. Searching for your username, brings 'em all in.

2. Twurt - from the site: A mashup of the words “tweet” and “blurt”...have you twurted?

3. - looking for a little company when you hear something outrageous? Just preface your tweet with oh: or overheard and the voila, all of twitter just overheard it too.

We look forward to supporting these and many more apps in the new year. Happy scanning.

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Anonymous said...

doesn't support Asian languages like Chinese