Monday, December 3, 2007

Click through your saved searches

One great motivator when building any kind of tool is "eating your own dog food". In our case that food tastes pretty good, could use a little salt, but is quite nutritious. My point? With Twitter and Tweet Scan we've all got a great user feedback loop.

One of the first feedback items for us is to implement RSS. While it's definitely doable to serve RSS, it's not #1 on our list of exciting things to do. RSS is popular and widely used but we're trying something else, something do you say? fun.

We've created a link that will simply run each of your saved searches in sequence. This was inspired by Google Reader's Next button(the most fun we ever had with RSS btw). So next time you find yourself at your settings page, copy that "Click" link to your bookmarks. Give it a click and vote your opinion in the form of this tweet.

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