Monday, March 17, 2008

RSS Improvements and Wiki

With Terraminds down over the past few days, many people have been looking for an alternative for their Twitter RSS search feeds. One problem with switching to Tweet Scan for RSS was that our feed didn't include the pubDate field in the feed and at least one web application(TwitterFeed) rejected the feed. This has been fixed.

Also, there are a few advanced features of Tweet Scan like boolean 'and' and 'not' features that people ask for but that are already in there. So we decided it was time to put up a wiki for the project. You can read it(and it is a quick read) at We're particularly interested to hear if you've found some unique uses for Tweet Scan that we didn't think of.

Happy scanning!


Petitesphrases said...

Hey friends,

it looks like Tweetscan suffered the same fate as Terraminds... I can't see any refreshment on my feed ( since monday, whereas I've made lots of update on Tweeter since ( with the PP2008 keyword...

Any idea why ?


David said...


It looks ok to me. I see one from an hour or two ago.


M Guy said...

Can't get Tweetscan to work w/Tumblr

David said...

m guy,

Not quite sure what you mean by that. If you'd like you can DM @tweetscan with specifics.


Charles Knight said...

M Guy said...

Trying to figure out a way to get a TS RSS feed that filters out my username. I'm feeding the scan back into Twitter vie Twitterfeed and don't want to double up my tweets. I can create it by using "-username", but the feed doesn't carry that over. Any ideas?

Btw: I love using Tweetscan!

Anonymous said...

Either the RSS feed isn't working, or I don't understand how the Tweetscan feed is supposed to work. I'd like to see all the updates coming from the Cannes Film Festival, so I searched "Cannes" and got a bunch of results, then subscribed to the RSS feed for the search in GoogleReader. All the entries that showed up at the time I subscribed turned up fine in Reader, but I never got any more coming in. I did the search again at Tweetscan, there were at least a couple of dozen new tweets, none of which showed up in Reader. What's going on, or is there no way to have a continually updating feed for a search term? I don't want the digest e-mail thing, that's WAY too slow.

Anonymous said...

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