Saturday, February 16, 2008

TweetScan for iPhone

Thanks for checking out the blog. The latest news is that we got an iPhone for "development" purposes and we just had to do something cool with it. So we present the iPhone version of TweetScan. If you have an iPhone, you don't have to do anything special to use. We just check the user agent for "iPhone" so if you want to see it, you know what to do.

To create the iPhone version, we:
1. Removed the install search link.
2. Moved the link bar below the logo.
3. Reduced the font size.
4. Reduced the page width.

This version may be useful for other mobile/small screen devices so perhaps the next step we'll take will be to look for more user agent strings. If you have a particular device you'd like to see included, message @tweetscan or leave a comment somewhere on the interweb.

Happy scanning!

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